What is a UIOT smart home?

UIOT smart home is a all-in-one system that uses connected devices to remotely and automatically control smart devices.

Why should I want a smart home?

UIOT makes your life smarter, more convenient, easier, safer and more enjoyable.

How should I get started?

After installing the hub and smart light switch, you can start using the UIOT Smart Home system, and you can add various sensors to integrate with the scene function.

How can I know which devices work together?

Feel free to check the available devices’ list on your APP that can all work together. Devices that are not in the list of available devices need to confirm connectivity with APP.

Which smart home device should I buy first?

UIOT Smart Home System required the Central Hub, the Central Hub sets up and manages the entire smart home network.

What is a hub?

UIOT hub is the center of the network and the brain of the smart home, it is responsible for the coordination and management of the entire smart home system. Not just connect multiple smart devices, but also communicate with the cloud services.

Do those gadgets require special wiring?

No, there is no special connection needed. Most devices use zigbee wireless connection to connect various devices, which is simple, efficient and convenient. Ethernet is required when there is a  large data connection such as device hub and outdoor cameras.

What if the internet goes down?

The UIOT system has been fully considered in the design of the network outage. When the internet goes down, Our UIOT smart home system still be to function at home, and the mobile phone can still be able to control the smart devices with the WiFi connection.

How can I use smart home tech to secure my home?

Our UIOT smart home provides door and window magnetic sensors, human body sensors, and cameras to provide multi-level security protection and issue important security warnings for families.

How can I make sure my smart home won’t get hacked?

UIOT smart home adopts the industry's advanced security standards, all wireless interactions are encrypted and all data will be stored in the local hub. Through mobile security interaction, real-time control of security status.

Where are the users' information on the internet stored?

The information security of the UIOT system follows local security regulations, and user data in North America is stored in a North America server. The device information is stored on the local host, and the entire data transmission is encrypted, and the data information is safe and reliable.

Will the devices be listening to me all the time?

The voice-activated function on the device is set by the user. Voice-activated function can be disabled or enabled by the user.

How sensitive are the devices? How quick do they respond to the task I gave?

The device's response is highly precise and fast, in line with the user's sensory requirements. Click the switch to switch in real-time, and the scene function can be reveal at a glance

What if something broke down? How quick can you send someone to help me fix it?

UIOT provides quick response services, and the customer support team will respond and support the user to resolve their concerns in a timely manner. If there is a product failure, product service team will arrange replacement or repairs in accordance with the limited warranty service.

Does the service team charge for repairs?

No product charges are required during the warranty period. Outside the warranty period, a repair fees* will be charged.