Clive at Collingwood

Clive at Collingwood project provides a total of 68 homes ( Studios, 1-3 bedrooms). Located in the Joyce-Collingwood Neighbourhood.

All Units are equipped UIOT Smart Home System and bringing the ultimate smart living to the new homeowners

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Pure West 49

Pure is a 4-storey mixed-use building by Lavern Developments, total 92 units (1 - 3 Bedrooms). Located cross from the Langara Family YMCA, Langara Park, and Langara College,  All new units are equipped with UIOT Smart Home System

*Smart Living Package is available as an option for buyers to choose

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Shannon Lynn

Shannon Lynn is located in West Kelowna and offers a total of 72 townhouses

All Homes are equipped with UIOT Smart Home system to provide a comfortable, safe and convenient vacation stay.

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